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CAD Drawing Service

We offer 2D CAD drafting services to homeowners to assist you in making the best decisions in many areas such as spatial planning, electrical, lighting, kitchen, and bathroom design. If you don’t have a set of drawings, then we can create those drawings for you. Depending on your location we could arrange a site visit to survey the project, or you can provide a sketch with accurate dimensions and some photographs of the rooms we are drawing. 

This package is ideal for any homeowner looking for guidance and reassurance that they have made the right interior design decisions before construction. You might not be entirely happy with the drawings provided to you by an architect as sometimes the furniture layouts can be very general. Or you might not need an architect and need to provide your builder with detailed design drawings. Working out the exact placement of all your electrical and lighting items is an integral part of the overall design, we can provide you with a clear design direction and drawings to avoid costly mistakes on site. Or perhaps you need help designing a custom-made unit for your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen, we can create unique joinery for your project.

One room: From €100 +VAT 

Types of Drawings Available:

✔ Furniture Floor Plans

✔ Reflected Ceiling Plans

✔ Lighting & Electricity Plans

✔ Joinery items

✔ Floor Covering Plans

✔ Wall Elevations

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Initial Interior Consultation

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Colour Consultation

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Online Consultation

Full Room Design

Full Design Sevice

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