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Online Consultation

This package is ideal for any homeowner looking for interior inspiration, help, and advice from the comfort of their own home. Clients are often surprised by the benefit of online consultations and discover what a big difference even the smallest changes can make.  Whether you require a full room design or updating a space and adding finishing touches this service is tailored specifically to your needs.

How it works:

After your initial enquiry and payment, we will email you our design questionnaire to provide us with information about your brief and lifestyle. Once we receive the filled-out questionnaire including images and measurements we will arrange a time that suits you best for a 30-minute call to discuss your requirements. Within two weeks, you will receive image boards with two design concepts for each room including proposed furniture layouts, lighting, furniture items, storage solutions, accessories, materials and colour schemes. We will then call you to discuss this in detail and confirm selections for which we can send you samples.  You can then purchase the exact proposed products through Foxburrow Interiors or shop for similar ones independently. 

One room: €395 +VAT | Two rooms: €700 +VAT | Three rooms: €1050 +VAT

This Package Includes

✔ Two 30-minute phone calls/video calls 

✔ Spatial planning

✔ Furniture layout

✔ Colour scheme

✔ Image boards with specifications

✔ Interior samples 

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Initial Interior Consultation

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Colour Consultation

Full Room Design

Full Design Sevice

CAD Drawing Service

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